Problems with Summoner Advancement

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Problems with Summoner Advancement

Post by RazorWarHawk on Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:06 pm

The last two weeks we have missed out on SA rewards. It is because as our Alliance Prestige goes up, so does our minimum for SA rewards. The tier we were in required a 160,000 minimum score for SA rewards, while the new tier(which is the top tier requires 265,000 minimum score for SA rewards.

To know how prestige works look here:
To calculate your prestige look here:

The prestige of our alliance is the average of the prestige for all of our memebers. This is why some members were kicked to reduce our prestige to get back to the 160,000 score minimum for SA rewards. We will not be getting SA rewards this week as each member still in the alliance would have to get 11,000 score and based on past history, I don't think that is possible. The next SA cycle we should be back down to 160,000 minimum score, but as we grow we will encounter this problem again.

For us to hit 160,000 score, our alliance needs to average 5,333 pts for a full alliance.
For us to hit 265,000 score, our alliance needs to average 8,833 pts for a full alliance.

So while we are in the 160,000 tier again the REQUIRED score for each member will be 5,500! This will probably need to increase to at least 8,500 once we hit the 265,000 tier again!


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